Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yes, Virginia, there is a turkey under all that good stuff!,

Yes, Virginia, there is a turkey under all that good stuff!

now, There is a turkey and corn bread stuffing, in all those wonderful veggies. corn bread stuffing:
make corn bread, I like Marie Calendar?? I put whole corn, basil and eggs in with it and bake it, sometimes I will put chesses in it. not this time. then I sauté bacon, leeks, onions, celery, sun dried tomatoes, fennel, mushrooms and whatever else I feel it needs at the time. add cheese at the end let sit and cool. take the corn bread and crumble it really fine and to veggie mix. add chicken broth or any broth will work, and butter mix well by hand.
set to cool. take turkey and rinse it, WELL!
stuff and I put mine breast down in the pan. add basil, onions, olive oil, fennel. peppers, garlic and spices I like nutmeg, cumin and paprika.
tie bag and cut 3 small silts in the top of the bag.
bake at 350 for 3 1/2 hours or so. take it out of the fridge an hour before baking to get it to more like room temp and the oven doesn't have to work so hard, and saves energy!

de-bone and serve, take the stuffing out immediately and cool and fridgerate.
thatis my turkey cooked pictures will follow.

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  1. Bib, I love stuffing! As a veg, it's something I always load up with on Thanksgiving (made outside the turkey, of course) The ingredients you use are so creative - I never would have thought of sundried tomatoes or fennel. It sounds amazing - Thanks again for another mouth-watering recipe!