Tuesday, May 10, 2011

what am I eating right now?

cooked cereal, various kinds from the bulk food isle.
kinda funny I have a memory associated with that. my mother trying to do her best, getting me some granola from the bulk food bin so I would stop passing out at school from hunger.
can't remember eating it strange...
so wheat germ, oat bran, and mixed 7 grain cereal.
oat milk in a box.
hemp protein powder (I live on the stuff any more)
simple warm and good for ya.
easy to eat, easy to puke!
(that is a prime consideration these days)
in the morning I will put the cold cereal in a blender and add nuts(cashews and pistachio's) more hemp powder, and more oat or coconut milk.
the cereal is better cooked as I added it uncooked this am and was very bitter.
so that is what is is my stomach right now. Night!

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